Welcome to the Coochi Couch Services. We're tackling the often overlooked need for comfort at music festivals.
Our goal is to revolutionize these events by infusing them with relaxation and style. Our services offer essential spaces for festival-goers to unwind amidst the high-energy atmosphere, ensuring a more enjoyable and balanced experience. With Coochi Couch, comfort is not just an addition; it's a fundamental part of the festival journey, enhancing overall enjoyment and creating memorable moments.
Join us in redefining music festivals with comfort at their core.

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Coochi Comfort Zone

Experience the ultimate blend of relaxation and entertainment with our signature service, the Coochi Comfort Zone. We specialize in transforming specific areas within your event or stage into an oasis of comfort. These zones allow attendees to take a brief respite from the non-stop dancing, without missing out on the musical experience. Furnished with our unique, colorful inflatable air sofas and other comfort accessories, the Coochi Comfort Zone is a perfect addition to ensure your guests enjoy the festival to the fullest.

Coochi Cooldown Station

The Coochi Cooldown Station is a unique stage concept designed by Coochi Couch, tailored for those who seek a more laid-back festival experience. Unlike the typical high-energy festival stages, this area is a haven of tranquility and comfort amidst the excitement. It's thoughtfully furnished with our signature Coochi Couches, offering plush, comfortable seating where attendees can relax and unwind. This stage caters to those who prefer to enjoy the festival's music and ambiance in a calmer, more personal space. The Coochi Cooldown Station redefines the festival experience by providing a serene, comfortable spot to enjoy the event's essence in peace and comfort.

Slug Games

Add an extra layer of fun and engagement to your event with our innovative "Slug Games". Utilizing our quirky and beloved Sensory Slugs, these games offer a unique and entertaining way to engage your audience. Contestants can participate in a variety of creative and enjoyable activities, with the chance to win exciting prizes provided by Coochi Couch and our esteemed partners. The Slug Games are more than just entertainment - they're an interactive experience that brings laughter, joy, and a sense of community to your event.

Coochi Couch Float Out

Dive into comfort with the "Coochi Couch Float Out" at your next music event featuring swimming areas, from serene pools to natural springs. Our vibrant, waterproof Coochi Couches offer a plush, buoyant retreat for lounging in or out of the water. Strategically placed for optimal relaxation and visual appeal, these inflatable air sofas are a stylish sanctuary where festival-goers can unwind between sets or soak in the vibes under the sun. Complement your experience with our range of festival accessories for the ultimate in comfort and style!