About Us

Born in July 2023, Coochi Couch initially emerged as a comfort accessory retail store, but it has organically evolved into a sanctuary of comfort for all. Our commitment to excellence extends beyond providing superior products, services, and events.

At the core of our mission is a profound goal: to be present at every festival nationwide, offering unparalleled comfort and an array of unique comfort accessories to diverse communities. With an unwavering dedication to the highest standards, we promise an extraordinary experience that transcends the ordinary, fostering a harmonious blend of comfort, community, and creativity.

Coochi Couch is more than a purveyor of comfort; it's a dynamic force striving to make its mark at festivals across the nation, redefining the very essence of comfort one event at a time.

Join us on our journey as we aspire to bring a new level of comfort to festivals nationwide, leaving an indelible imprint on the collective festival experience.

Meet The Team

Brian Oliveros

Hailing from Tampa, the CEO of Coochi Couch, is not your typical executive. A fitness enthusiast with a passion for innovation, Brian infuses Coochi Couch with a distinctive combination of creativity and forward-thinking, effortlessly turning ordinary moments into extraordinary memories. Beyond the boardroom, Brian, also known as "Oli" in the Bass music scene, channels his artistic soul by crafting sonic landscapes in his free time. His commitment to creativity is evident not only in his music but also in his passion for inventing and innovating, which extends to all facets of his life. A social butterfly, Brian finds joy in creating safe, fun, and creative environments for all. He is not just a CEO; he is a visionary shaping experiences and fostering communities wherever he goes.

Christina Montaldo

A 25-year-old Orlando native now residing in Tampa. Enthusiastic about outdoor activities, she enjoys spending time with her dog Squishy, playing pickleball, shuffling, and attending music festivals—especially those featuring her favorite genre, bass house. When not immersed in her role as a makeup artist, you'll likely find her somewhere outside in nature.